Episode 8 – 8/10 Will listen again

Posted: February 13, 2015 in TEG Podcast
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It’s episode 8! This week the TEG podcast crew talk about review scores (do they really matter?), Besiege, Majora’s Mask 3D and about the excellent games that were released 20 years ago.

This episode of Taiwan English Gamers Podcast is hosted by Johan Vorster, Michael Chen and Warren Liang.

Listen to Episode 8 here 

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Thanks for listening!

Intro: Wizard House from Azureflux azuresound.bandcamp.com/

Our hosts:
Thomas Bellmore – (PSN) SolidChamp
Michael Chen – (PSN) Iukami ; (XBL) Lukami
Johan Vorster – (PSN) jevous; (Steam) jevousza
Jonathan McDougall – (PSN) yuenadan; (Steam) yuenadan
Warren Liang – (PSN) asiansushiman



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