Episode 7 – Taipei Game Show report

Posted: February 3, 2015 in TEG Podcast
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The TEG podcast crew met up and braved the zombie hordes of the Taipei Game Show floors with the hopes of meeting Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. Join myself, Thomas, Michael and Jonathan as we talk about our experiences at TGS 2015, take an in-depth look at Dying Light and discuss Club Nintendo’s closure later this year.

This episode of Taiwan English Gamers Podcast is hosted by Johan Vorster, Michael Chen, Thomas Bellmore and Jonathan McDougall.

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Intro: Wizard House from Azureflux azuresound.bandcamp.com/

Our hosts:
Thomas Bellmore – (PSN) SolidChamp
Michael Chen – (PSN) Iukami ; (XBL) Lukami
Johan Vorster – (PSN) jevous; (Steam) jevousza
Jonathan McDougall – (PSN) yuenadan; (Steam) yuenadan



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